Industrial Partners

ECN is still under discussion with several commercial partners in licensing the MILENA gasification technology. One of these potential partners is Dahlman, who is now offering commercial size Bio-CHP plants based on the MILENA gasification technology and OLGA gas cleaning technology.


Thermax from India cooperates with ECN in the Optimash project. The goal of this project is to develop gasification technology for high ash coals. The MILENA technology will be tested on its suitability for low rank coals. If the MILENA technology is suitable for low rank coal a pressurized 1 MWe MILENA gasifier will be constructed in India.


HVC is a modern and innovative waste and energy company.  HVC converts waste streams which cannot be recycled into usable forms of energy. HVC has a large waste wood boiler of almost 30 MWe in operation. HVC has decided to join ECN with the development, demonstration and implementation of the MILENA Bio-CHP technology. HVC and ECN plan to build a 12 MWth MILENA gasifier in combination with OLGA gas cleaning. The installation will be located in Alkmaar (the Netherlands).